The Walking Dead 5×14 “Spend” Trailer and Promo

by Jon Lachonis / March 9, 2015

Only 3 episodes remain in season 5 of The Walking Dead, and it looks like next week the zombie density level is going up, up, up.

The trailer shows that father Gabriel will be spotlighted in the episode “Spend” and it appears he got his old job back. The terrors of The Walking Dead, and the knowledge of what he did to his last flock, seem to be weighing heavily on Gabriel though, will he be able to do it? Face it, Alexandria is exactly the kind of post-apocalyptic town where you’d expect to find a Sunday school, but the inner tortures of Gabriel could make for a meltdown of biblical proportions.

Elsewhere it looks like most of the team steps outside the walls of Alexandria, for what reason isn’t known yet but they run into a lot of trouble in the form of a small herd of zombies. Will they end up taking them all out, or leading them back to the walls of Alexandria? And is that a gun in Eugene’s hands? Our boy is growing up.

The Walking Dead 5×14 “Spend” airs Sunday, March 15th, at 9.8c on AMC.

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