The Walking Dead 5×15 “Try” Spoilers – You have Been Warned!

by Jon Lachonis / March 22, 2015

Tonight is an all new The Walking Dead and things are heating up between Rick and his crew, and Rick and Alexandria’s leadership. Here are some broad strokes from tonight’s all new episode “Try”.

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The Aftermath of The Run

It should come as no surprise that Nicholas has a completely different story for what happened at the Solar supply warehouse. In his version, he’s the hero and Glenn’s carelessness lead to Aiden’s death. This is bound to complicate things between Rick and Deanna if she buys Nicholas’ version of events.

Ricktatorship 2.0

Rick’s plan to take control of Alexandria continues to gain momentum. Last week, he apparently lost the support of his right hand man Daryl, this week he turns to Glenn for support. Glenn rebuffs his position. Looks like Rick will need to stand up to more and more of his own people if he wants to take control of Alexandria.

The Pete Jessie Situation

Carol continues to gather evidence that Pete is abusing Jessie, and it’s becoming more than apparent to Rick himself. Rick offers help to Jessie, but she refuses. She’s standing by her man for now. Rick goes to Deanna and tries to convince her that Pete needs to be executed, but exile is her only option. In The Walking Dead comics Pete is executed, but Rick’s extreme measures don’t seem to be receiving the same amount of support on the show.

Things Come to a Head

After another ‘incident’ Jessie finally accepts Rick’s help and the result is an epic fist-fight between Rick and Pete that ends in the streets with the people of Alexandria gathering around. It looks like Rick is about to execute Pete unilaterally, but one key member of Rick’s crew shows up and KNOCKS HIM OUT before he gets a chance. Looks like Rick’s support is nil.

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So it looks like the major story development for “Try” is the erosion of Rick’s support from his own people. This being the penultimate episode for The Walking Dead season 5, these themes are bound to have major importance in the finale. Rick will no doubt proceed with his plan, but lacking the support he needs to make it happen. Could Rick himself wind up exiled before the season comes to a close, with many of his own people choosing to stay and protect Alexandria?  Tune in  to The Walking Dead “Try” Tonight at 9pm on AMC. There’s a lot we haven’t told you!

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