The Walking Dead Finale Spoiler – Glenn VS Nicholas

by Jon Lachonis / March 24, 2015

We all heard Glenn tell Nicholas to stay behind the walls, right? Well a new spoiler has emerged concerning The Walking Dead finale that suggests Nicholas doesn’t listen very well.

Setting, the forest outside of Alexandria. Glenn and Nicholas are battling (Zombies? Human Intruders?). Nicholas pulls a move that once again puts lives in danger, but this time it appears Glenn isn’t going to let him off with a talking to. Glenn pulls his gun and points it square at Nicholas’ head and …

Well we can’t go much further, but let’s ponder the implications. First, Rick has put the Alexandrianites nerves on edge after pulling a gun on them and we already know from the preview and sneak peeks that a hearing will take place regarding exiling Rick. Glenn, however, may be in a far more sensitive position. Deanna’s son has already died while on a mission with Glenn, what if Glenn kills Nicholas. Could he too be exiled or worse?

The Walking Dead finale episode “Conquer” runs 90 minutes, so there is plenty of time for all of the characters to find themselves in dangerous situations outside the Alexandria walls. Will they be their own worst enemies, or is a larger threat looming outside that will put all of these conflicts on the back burner. Tune in to The Walking Dead, “Conquer” Sunday, March 29th at 9PM est on AMC to find out.

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