The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Spoilers and Rumors

by Jon Lachonis / March 29, 2015
The Walking Dead Finale

The Walking Dead season 5 finale, “Conquer” airs tonight and we have all of the details for you below. Do you really want to know?

First lets tackle a nasty rumor making its way around the internet: Daryl Dixon dies. The impetus for this rumor is two fold. First, Norman Reedus appears on Talking Dead tonight for the first time ever. It’s not uncommon for deceased characters to show up on Talking Dead after they check out of The Walking Dead. Seemingly enforcing this rumor, Reedus has put his Georgia home up for sale. Let’s just get this out of the way: Daryl does not die. What Daryl does do is pretty cool though.

The episode opens with Morgan encountering a couple members of The Wolves. We get some background on who The Wolves are and it is obvious right away that they are going to be a major threat. Bad Ass Morgan deals with them and gets back on his way to Washington DC.

Later, Daryl and Aaron spring a trap laid by The Wolves but manage to get away thanks to Morgan, who shows up to save their hides. They convince Morgan to accompany them back to Alexandria.

In Alexandria, Rick awaits his fate but not passively. Carol gives him back his gun and they formulate a plan to take Alexandria by force. In this plan they will hold Deanna’s family hostage and force her to relinquish power to Rick. Rick has gone full on Shane.

Elsewhere there is a lot of reconciliation. Eugene and Abraham bury the hatched, and a disturbed Gabriel goes on a suicidal binge.

Nicholas attempts to run from Alexandria, sensing his lie will fall apart, and Glenn pursues; with murder in his eyes. Glenn is eventually shot by Nicholas and the two come to epic blows, but will Glenn kill Nicholas or spare his life?

Rick’s fate hangs in he balance of a public forum, but before his sentence is handed down a walker makes its way into Alexandria and Rick takes care of business, delivering the walker to the forum. He gives a patented Rick Grimes speech and all hell breaks loose. Pete takes Michonne‘s Katana and attempts to kill Rick …

As always we’ve left pertinent and shocking story points out of this Walking Dead spoiler report for your own enjoyment. For the full story, tune into The Walking Dead “Conquer”, airing tonight on AMC at 9pm.

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