The Walking Dead Season Finale – Five Things we Want to See

by Jon Lachonis / March 25, 2015

The Walking Dead season 5 finale is nearly upon us. It’s terrible I know, particularly since this has been one of the best seasons ever. We’ve seen Rick and his group go from their lowest lows (No water, eating earth worms) to settling (?) in to a veritable oasis in the Zombie Apocalypse. Alexandria.

It’s in Alexandria that we’ve seen the Walking Dead story engine subject our characters to its cruelest machinations: the power of other people. Life in Alexandria is good. Too good. The people there have managed to secure themselves against the zombies, but have no idea what-so-ever how evil other people can be. They are ripe for the picking, according to Rick, and it’s up to his Ricktatorship tactics to save them from themselves.

But as we saw in last week’s Walking Dead, Rick’s brute force approach to securing the peace has put him in danger of being exiled; the allegiance among his group is growing thin, and the tied has turned against him.  On the face of things, it seems like next week’s finale episode, “Conqueror”, would be easy to predict, but we’re expecting the unexpected.  Here are five things we’d like to see happen next week.


1. A New Threat Emerges

The ominous W’s aren’t without a payoff. Somewhere outside of Alexandria a sick and twisted gang awaits, and they are bound to see Alexandria as plum digs. Running water, electricity, nice houses … what’s not to envy?

While the mundane politicking plays out it would be nice to see this gang show up and cause trouble, giving Rick a chance to prove that he is at least partially right and that Alexandria needs his brand of protection.

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