The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap

by Shannon Hanson / March 30, 2015

I have to say that I have not been as into this season as previous ones.  There were times during the first half of this season that I found myself bored and half listening.  I kept thinking to myself that it was getting stale, as in they find somewhere, they trust, people betray them, they have to kill said people, and then they’re on the move again for a better place.  That’s exactly what I was thinking when Aaron came upon them and offered up Alexandria.  But what changed for me is not so much the town being different or the people not being murderous cannibals, but that I realized just how much the group, especially Rick, has changed since we first met them all.  That’s when I gave my full attention back and I must say this second half of the season has been fantastic.

Now, for tonight’s one-and-a-half season finale recap:

Morgan is Back

We start off tonight’s finale with a view of a run-down, smashed up car and Morgan sitting in a wooded area on a log in front of a campfire.  A young guy walks up on him with a gun and sits on the log across from Morgan.  He begins to tell Morgan a story about wolves hunting and he points out the W scarred into his forehead.  Morgan offers to give the guy everything he has, but he cannot allow the kid to take him anywhere as he has somewhere he has to go.  The guy tells Morgan to “Just be still” while another guy comes out of the woods from behind Morgan, aiming to hit him on the head.  Morgan jumps up and goes all ninja on both of these guys, knocking them unconscious.  Walkers hear the commotion and start coming towards them.  Morgan grab’s the guy’s gun, goes to shoot a walker and hears an empty click.  He then proceeds to dispatch of the immediate walkers, drags the two guys over to the smashed up car and puts them in the back seat, closing the door behind them and leaving.

Rick in Non-Custody

Rick wakes up in a bed, his face all bandaged up, with Michonne watching over him.  She wants to know what it is he’s doing.  She tells Rick that Pete was moved to another house.  Carol, Glenn and Abraham enter and Carol immediately asks him where he got the gun and why.  Rick said, “Just in case.”  Rick is informed that Deanna is holding a meeting later that evening about him and Carol suggests a plan of action should things go bad.  Rick states he will whistle if he feels tings are going bad and that they will all take the armory and, thus, the town.  Glenn accuses Rick of wanting this all along.  Rick nonchalantly lays back down and announces he’s going to sleep some more.  Carol comes back later and brings Rick a gun.  Rick asks her why she didn’t tell the rest of the group about the guns they hid and she said, “Just in case.”

Deanna’s House

Maggie goes to sees Deanna about the meeting regarding Rick and she warns Deanna about kicking Rick out.  Deanna says she’ll do what she has to do.  Reg asks Maggie to hold up and explains to Maggie that he plans on telling Deanna, as well as everyone else at the meeting, that civilization starts when we stop running and start living together.

Sasha in the Woods

Sasha has dug a gigantic pit and is a lot of the walkers she killed into this pit.  She slides into this pit herself as she’s dragging a walker.  I’m pretty concerned for Sasha’s mental state as she decides to lay down on top of this big pile of walkers and close her eyes.

On A Mission

Daryl and Aaron are walking through the woods, looking for signs of live people.  Aaron plans on setting up a mike, watching and listening.  They see a guy in a red poncho and decide to follow.  They lose the guy but come across a gated food factory with many containers of what looks like canned food.  Aaron convinces Daryl to check out this factory instead of continue searching for the guy in the red poncho.  Daryl reluctantly agrees.  As they open up one of the containers, ALL of the container doors open and out pour a whole mess of walkers from each container.  Aaron and Daryl eventually find shelter in a car, but are surrounded.  Just as they have made a pact to run for the fence together, Morgan shows up and begins taking down enough of the walkers to allow Aaron and Daryl to get out.  They fight their way to the gate and get safely behind it.  Aaron invites Morgan to Alexandria, but Morgan says he has somewhere he needs to go but is lost.  He gives a map to Daryl and asks Daryl to show where they are.  Daryl sees the note Rick left on that map so long ago.

The Gate

Gabriel walks up to the gate and asks the guard to open it.  He explains he doesn’t need a gun, he’s just going for a short walk and the word of God is all he needs.  The guard lets him out and we see Gabriel whistling softly, timidly, going through the woods.  He comes upon a walker feeding on a person in the road and Gabriel opens his arms, saying he’s ready.  The walker comes towards him and Gabriel takes the rope around the walker’s neck and pulls on it, snapping the walker’s head off.  Gabriel then uses a knife, driving it into the walker’s skull.  He also drives a knife into the freshly eaten victim’s head, then lays in the road and cries.

As he is coming back to the gate, the same guard explains about the meeting and is in a rush, asks Gabriel to close the gate behind  him.  Gabriel looks like he’s in a stupor, or shock, and he distractedly closes the gate, but doesn’t check it (doesn’t even look like he cares) so the gate is left marginally open.

Scary Carol

Carol pops over to Pete’s new house, or at least where he’s being temporarily housed, with a casserole.  She gives Pete the casserole, comes inside, and takes out her knife.  She calmly tells him that she could kill him easily and she taunts him to try to take her.  He is rightly scared and does not.  She calls him a small weak nothing and then tells him she wants her dish back clean as she leaves.  Pete drops the casserole to the floor, goes into the living room and you can hear smashing noises as he screams that this isn’t his house.

The Confrontation

Glen sees Nicholas climb over the fence and decides to follow him.  Of course, it’s a rouse and Nicholas is luring Glenn out into the woods.  Nicholas shoots at Glenn, hitting him in the shoulder.  A lot of chasing and fighting ensues, with Nicholas playing dirty by constantly poking his fingers in the gunshot wound.  Glenn finally gets the best of him and points Nicholas’ gun at Nicholas’ temple.  Glenn, being the good guy he is, struggles with his conscious and removes the gun.  Glenn and Nicholas lean on other as they make their way back to Alexandria.

At the Church

Sasha is sitting in the church when Gabriel arrives.  She tells Gabriel she came there because she doesn’t know what to do and asks if he can help her.  He tells her no.  Sasha says that she sometimes wished she were dead and Gabriel asks her, “Why wouldn’t you?”  He then goes on to blame Bob and Tyrese’s deaths on her, which makes her angry and she attacks him.  She ends up pulling her gun on him and he begs her to do it.  Maggie comes in just the nick of time, takes the gun from Sasha, and they all end up sitting in a circle praying.

Rick vs. Walkers

As Rick is on the way to the meeting, he sees the gate has been partially left open.  It’s starting to get dusk out.  He quickly closes the gate up and secures it.  He then runs down the streets, around the houses, looking for walkers…which he eventually finds a few of them, battling with them until he kills them all.

The Meeting

Understandably, Rick and Glenn are not at the meeting yet but Deanna is impatient to start.  Rick’s group speaks up for him, telling Deanna and her people how Rick is important to them all, how he made them all a family, and  how he protected them all.  Deanna steps in and is close to voting Rick off of the island when Rick walks up carrying a dead walker on his back, which he promptly drops at her feet.  He explains how he came to find this walker and how they all need to change, not later, but now.  Pete shows up at the meeting with Michonne’s sword and screams at Rick that he’s not one of them.  Reg tries to calm Pete down but Pete ends up slashing Reg’s throat.  Deanna cries and cradles Reg as he passes away.  A guard tackles Pete to the ground, holding him there.  Deanna tells Rick, “All right.  Do it.”  Rick immediately swivels around and puts a bullet into Pete’s head right as Daryl, Aaron and Morgan are walking up.  Morgan says, “Rick?” in a shaky, questionable voice.

Michonne Gets Her Sword Back

Michonne takes her sword and goes to replace it in her house above the fireplace.  She changes her mind and straps that lovely thing to her back where it belongs.


We can’t forget about red poncho boy.  It looks like he was captured by the same guys that Morgan fought at the beginning of this episode.  They take red poncho boy to the same food container factory that Daryl and group just left and they command poncho to “just be still.”  Of course, they kill him and let him drop to the ground.  There’s still hundred of walkers beyond the fence but one of the guys touches a remote button and loud music with flashing lights appears in one of the containers.  The walkers follow the noise and enter the container.  Later we see one of the guys looking through old pictures of a normal looking Rick and Carl.  On the car outside of those containers, the same one Daryl and Aaron had taken refuge in, we see the words “Wolves Not Far” printed on the side.

In conclusion, it was a very good finale.  I try to stay away from spoilers but I kept getting snippets of a possible Glenn death or Daryl death during this last week.  I am very happy that neither of them met their end tonight.  It looks like we’ll be dealing with a new kind of civilization in Alexandria next season, as well as Wolves.

During tonight’s season finale, there was a short promo for Fear The Walking Dead coming this summer 2015.  I’ll be looking forward to that as we go through The Walking Dead hiatus.


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