Tonight On The Walking Dead – Destination Salvation?

by Jon Lachonis / February 8, 2015

We already went over our predictions for tonight’s mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, now let’s delve into a little bit of what we KNOW is going to happen.

Season 5a ended on a heart-breaking note as the quest to rescue Beth (Emily Kinney) ended with her tragic death. With the second half of the season kicking off tonight we find our heroes struggling for a new trajectory. Existing once again in the wilds of the zombie apocalypse, and with Eugene’s mission of hope revealed as a self serving rouse, the troop, together again, must decide what’s next.  In the two minute opener from The Walking Dead released by AMC we get a few hints, and comments from the cast and crew seem to fill in the rest.  Here are some knowns from tonight’s premiere episode “What Happened and What’s Going On” airing at 9PM EST on AMC.

It’s a Post Beth World

The Walking Dead Beth

Beth’s demise rattled fans, but those most affected by it will be venting their emotions on our television screens tonight. While The Walking Dead‘s most shocking character death from recent memory was a sad moment for fans, it’s sure to have a prominent role in the on-screen action as Maggie struggles to cope with the loss of her younger sister. Daryl is sure to be hard hit as well. Generally speaking, Beth’s death is bound to be the primary motivator for what comes next.

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