The Walking Dead – Aaron, Friend or Fiend?

by Jon Lachonis / February 16, 2015

The Walking Dead “Them” was a slow burn packed with subtle and symbolic expressions of grief but the ending with a guy named Aaron (Ross Marquand) looking like he stepped out of an LL Bean catalog saying he has good news is what has fans tongues wagging. Is “Good News” code for “I want to eat you” or “I have a room full of severed heads in fish tanks and you’ve been selected …”, or is it actually good news for once?  We think we might have the answers. Spoilers ahead.

To divine Aaron’s intent we have to turn to the pages of the Walking Dead comic where a character name Aaron changed everything for the group. In the comics, Aaron is a homosexual character who is a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe Zone, an actual community surviving to a degree that RIck and the group have yet to encounter. In short, he’s a friend.

Similar to the show, Rick and the gang come upon Alexandria while heading for Washington DC, however expect the generalities of the plot to change. If the preview of next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Distance”, is to be believed the group find themselves in a trap. But who is trapping them, Aaron and his people or Neegan, a villain from the comics who is also rumored to appear this season.

Odds are that whatever happens will divert the gang from a straight path to Alexandria and safety, setting up the plot for a segue into Washington DC. As for what they find there, we don’t want to give away too much but lets say Alexandria is going to become their second best safe bet before long. The Walking Dead returns February 22nd at 9PM with “The Distance” on AMC.

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