The Walking Dead Feb 8 Teaser: What’s Up With Michonne

by Jon Lachonis / January 28, 2015

About 11 days until The Walking Dead returns to finish off it’s fifth season, and AMC is unleashing the teasers.

Subtitled with the question “What happened to Michonne?”, the above promo pic is making the rounds.  To us, Michonne appears to be her intense self, but apparently if we look close we can something distinctive about this particular Walking Dead promo still. But what?

Michonne is definitely one of the harder to read characters of The Walking Dead and the lack of setting in the promo pic certainly doesn’t help. What emotion is Michonne displaying? Anger? Fear? Sadness?

Whatever it is one truth rings out: it’s never a good idea to make Michonne emotional, particularly when said emotion results in a furrowed brow, so whoever is on the other side of this is going to wish they hadn’t riled her up.

Find out “What happened to Michonne” when The Walking Dead returns February 8th.


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