The Walking Dead New Trailer – What’s Behind the Gate?

by Jon Lachonis / February 2, 2015
The Walking Dead Gated Community

Another day, another The Walking Dead clip to make your wait for Sunday that much more agonizing!

In the new promo worming it’s way across the internet like a Walker with no arms and legs, we get a quizzical scene that might be familiar to fans of the comic. The gang arrives at a gated community, A similar scene played out in The Walking Dead comic series far earlier in the story.

Perhaps the most glaring difference is the weather.  In the comics the gang arrived at Wiltshire Estates on the eve of a thaw that wound up reconstituting a small but deadly hoard of zombies.

The Walking Dead producers often scavenge from the comics and re-purpose story lines with new made-for-tv twists, could that be what’s going on in the video below? Tune in February 8th on AMC to find out.

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