The Walking Dead S05E10 Pics – It’s Only a Hundred Miles Away

by Jon Lachonis / February 10, 2015

When we last left Rick and gang they were plotting a course for Washington DC, the last best chance to find humanity holding together and a plot line very familiar to fans of The Walking Dead comics.

What will they find? Well, comics spoilers ahead, if the comics are our guide they will find Washington DC deserted save for walkers and dangerous scavengers, but their journey will not be for nothing when they come upon the Alexandria Safe Zone, and all indications seem to be that this is where Walking Dead the TV series is heading as well.

Rick and his crew winding up in an organized, structured society would surely meet the qualifications for a game changer. With the gang haven reached the outskirts of savagery in order to survive in the zombie apocalypse, settling into to a bonafide civilization that has managed to get by with laws, morals, and a completely different set of ethics would be a huge change from The Walking Dead universe we’ve come to know.

Of course no matter how good things ever look for our characters, there is always a dark game changer waiting around the corner.  Don’t expect The Walking Dead to become a prime-time soap.

While we wait, here are a couple of pictures from episode 5.10 “Them”.  What do they reveal? Daryl being Daryl, and Abraham packed and ready for a journey … somewhere. Find out where when The Walking Dead “Them” Premieres Sunday February 15th at 9pm EST.

The Walking Dead Daryl Michael Cudlitz as Abraham  - The Walking Dead
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