True Blood 7.04 Recap: Fangtasia Fights and Vampire Reunions

by Johnni Macke / July 14, 2014

This week’s episode of True Blood is dark, reflective and, of course, includes the fear of dying at almost every turn. Keeping with the “everyone will die” theme of this season, “Death is not the End” has many deaths, but is one of the few episodes so far in season seven that we didn’t lose a main character.

After being forced to call Alcide’s father about his death and Hoyt about his mother’s death (which for the record was not tragic), Sookie and Jason must man up to find the remaining hostages. Even though it sounds easy, the Stackhouse siblings are at their wits end when it comes to death in their hometown.

The most intricate and fun storyline this week follows Eric and Pam as they head back to Shreveport to see Willa one more time. Pam doesn’t have the best memories of Shreveport, but Eric and Pam’s history there is pretty cool.

The first flashback is in the 1980s when Pam and Eric were punished and forced to take over a movie rental business in Shreveport. Then in 1996, Pam meets Ginger for the first time and hires her after she falls in love with Eric the moment she lays eyes on him (not surprising). Bonus: Eric has a ridiculous hairdo and outfit that is somehow sexy and absurd at the same time.

In the final flashback circa 2006, Ginger is now a lover of all things vampire related. In a moment of brilliance, which rarely happens in Ginger’s life, she comes up with the idea for Fangtasia. Pam then glamours her, steals her idea and claims it as her own. Eric (and I) love Pam even more for her deception and the ability to keep it a secret all these years.

Meanwhile in present-day Bon Temps, Jessica isn’t healing because she has not fed for months due to the gilt she has. After killing all of the fairy sisters expect one, Jessica can’t make herself feed, which is completely understandable. Her very attractive boyfriend James tries to make her feed but is unsuccessful. Bill is brought in as the “muscle,” but even he can’t make her drink. In a final attempt to talk some sense into Jess, Sookie gives a horrible pep talk that surprisingly works.

As Jess feeds on Lafayette, Sookie lets Bill feed on her so he can be his strongest self when they raid the hostage location. What happens next is one of the most heartwarming moments during this week’s True Blood. Eric arrives back in town and his first stop… Bill’s house.

Eric sees that Sookie is at Bill’s house and goes in for a big hug. As Sookie breaks down about Alcide’s death, Eric puts aside his hatred towards wolves and holds her tight. Eric continues to hug Sookie and stroke her hair and it is magical. Any time that Eric is caught being sweet is a good moment in my eyes.

After the adorable Eric and Sookie reunion, Eric summons Willa. When she arrives she is beyond pissed, but her anger has to wait. Eric has decided to help Sookie save the hostages and Willa and Pam are going with him no matter what. Yay, team Eric!

The most intense moment this episode takes place when the small team of good vampires along with Jason, Sookie and Sam prepare to free the three remaining hostages. Sam goes in first as a rat to warn the ladies that help is on its way. Arlene is freaked out when she sees him as a rat, but doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he is naked, which is hilarious and perfectly in character for the redhead.

Outside Fangtasia, which is where the hostages are being held, Eric tries to break down the back wall, but is too weak to do it. Pam then steps up and goes in with Bill to save everyone. As soon as they reach the women, they realize only two are there. Arlene has been taken up above to be drank and killed!

Bill waits for backup as Pam brings the other two women to safety. As Arlene is being fed on (which is horrifying), Eric improvises and brings Sookie to distract the Hep-V vampires. Eric pretends to bring her as a sacrifice while Bill gets the rest of the vampires ready to attack. Just before the good vampires prepare to save Arlene, the crazed townspeople take matters into their own hands and throw fire bombs into the club.

The battle that follows is one of the best I’ve seen this season, but this time only the good guys survive. The high points of the battle include Bill saving Eric’s life, Bill saving Jessica from the townspeople and Jason killing a vampire that wants to drink Sookie. As the fighting continues, Arlene is headed towards the light and talking to Terry’s ghost. Sookie holds her and tries to get a healthy vampire to heal her.

In the final moments, a new hunky vampire named Keith (aka Riley Smith who played hottie Dean in Disney’s Motocrossed—which everyone should see) gives Arlene his blood. She slowly comes back to them and pulls through… thank goodness. In addition to Arlene getting out alive, all of the good vampires made it, even Eric, who was pretty useless in the fight. The best part of the battle however, is that the crazy townspeople, who loved taking the law into their own hands, are all dead.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of True Blood? Tune in next Sunday to see who will live and who will die. Plus, now that both Eric and Bill are good again, will Sookie spark up a new romance with one of her former flames?

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