True Blood 7.03 Review: Fire in the Hole

by Johnni Macke / July 7, 2014

True BloodThis season on True Blood the writers mean business and they aren’t afraid to kill off everyone we love. In the first two episodes of season seven, we’ve lost Tara (which was heartbreaking as well as totally shocking) and are pretty close to losing Arlene, Holly and Nicole since they’ve all been captured by Hep-V vamps. Sadly, this episode is no exception and this week Bon Temps loses a serious piece of eye candy.

In addition to a lot of death and destruction there’s been some exciting and interesting developments this week. For starters, True Blood’s “Fire in the Hole” episode began in Los Angeles where Sarah Newlin is now taking yoga, sleeping with her guru and hiding out from all things vampire. Sure, Jason saved Sarah last season, but seeing her reappear this early in the season was a bit unexpected. Plus, she’s a brunette, which isn’t her color.

Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Sookie continues to deal with all of the towns’ hatred and blame towards her, and finally puts her skills (aka attracting vampires) to good use. She manages to leave the house before Alcide figures it out her plan and teams up with Bill — which is both scandalous and exciting. Sookie even drinks Bill’s blood so he can find her in case of an emergency. The funny part, Bill gets turned on when Sookie drinks his blood and Sookie shuts him down right away.

On a low-note, the townspeople have officially lost their minds this week and are on a wild goose chase to kill anything that is not human. Luckily, Sam manages to escape the angry mob in owl form but not everyone is so lucky. Remember Hoyt’s insane mother, Maxine Fortenberry? Well, Maxine threatens to kill both Jason and Jessica for ruining her son’s life, but is only able to shoot Jessica once, but not kill her, before Jason’s girlfriend Violet (who hates Jess) kills her instead. Score one for team vampire.

The best part of this week’s episode isn’t a big moment by any means, but it is great. Lafayette is his typical fun, crazy self this week. He dances and sings all over his apartment and it is glorious. Plus, his bond with Jessica’s boyfriend James, who also happens to be his protector, is heating up, which is awesome. We love Jessica as much as the next person, but a Lafayette and James hook up wouldn’t be the strangest or worst thing to happen this season.

Picking up from last week’s episode, Pam is back with Eric, but the sexy, strong vampire is now infected and has clearly given up on life. Pam however does not take no for an answer and refuses to watch him die. By watching a flashback moment it is clear that Pam and Eric can and will stand the test of time together.

True BloodIn 1986, even after defying the authority (which is NEVER a good idea), Eric chose Pam over his French lover Sylvie. He has always had a soft spot for human women, but when push comes to shove, Pam is his number one.

After Pam is unsuccessful in convincing Eric to get up and fight the disease, she tempts him with the one thing he can never say no to… revenge. Pam tells Eric that Jason let Sarah live and therefore she is still out there alive. Luckily that information peaks his interest and the fantastic duo of Eric and Pam is back and ready to fight.

In episode three’s final moments Sookie’s plan is put into action and it surprisingly works. The Hep-V vampires take Holly out with them when the hunt and as soon as Sookie sees her she runs to save her. The vampires attack and manage to get Bill before he can save Sookie. With Bill about to die and Sookie in the hands of vampires, the heat of the situation rises. Before he meets his death, Alcide, Sam, Jason, Andy and Violet come to Bill’s rescue and kill the bad vampires saving both Sookie and Holly in the process.

As Alcide and Bill are fighting over Sookie’s stupid, yet completely effective plan, more gunfire comes from the woods and Alcide is hit. Sookie doesn’t let any of the vampires turn him, so Alcide dies in her arms. This loss is terrible and heartbreaking, but I can’t say I’m totally surprised. With Alcide out of the picture, Bill could try and win Sookie’s heart once and for all.

What do you think about True Blood’s “Fire in the Hole” episode? Did you see Alcide’s death coming? Who do you think will die next? Tune in next Sunday to see who, if anyone makes it out of Bon Temps alive.

Johnni Macke Johnni is a Southern California native, TV addict and lover of all-things British (she might practice speaking with an accent in hopes it will stick someday). She’s a hippie at heart with a major watermelon obsession. Oh, and she can pull super-pretty photos at a moment’s notice, too.