The Walking Dead Round-Up – Death Vs. Death

by Jon Lachonis / February 9, 2015

The Walking Dead fans were left stunned by the mid-season finale when Beth was suddenly and shockingly dismissed from the roster once and for all, but the mid-season premiere brought the biggest shock yet.

“What Happened & What’s Going On” presented Walking Dead’s most poetic and surreal farewell to a series regular, ever — but that character was not Beth (Emily Kinney), but Tyreese (Chad Coleman). While the small screen iteration of Tyreese never quite lived up to the importance of the Comic’s, Scott Gimple didn’t pull any emotional punches when it came to introducing the fan-favorite to the grim reaper.

Tyreese’s death was contained within time bending slight of hand that included views of a burial in the intro that turned out to be Tyreese’s, not Beth’s, and a procession of Ghosts of Walking Dead past that symbolized high and low points for Ty, including a squee worthy visit from The Governor (David Morrissey).

Still, fans and critics alike are voicing concerns that Tyreese’s death came too soon in proximity to Beth’s, barely giving fans or the characters any time to grieve. To which we say: welcome to the Zombie apocalypse.

Yes, despite the seemingly impassable weeks between the mid-season finale and premiere, the death does feel a little sudden, even for The Walking Dead, but it also punctuates the danger of that world in a definitive way. You don’t get a chance to grieve, because death is around every corner.

On the other hand, the obvious care that was taken with killing Tyreese raises another question: which death did The Walking Dead brain-trust consider more compelling, and do you agree with them? Beth received a multi-episode build up to a surprising shock death, while Tyreese received a grueling and hallucinogenic near-hour that is undoubtedly far more memorable for its grotesque and bizarre march down memory lane.

Should Tyreese have been killed off in such close proximity to Beth? Will the back to back deaths only truly be unappreciated by future Walking Dead binge watchers? Sound off in the comments.

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