UnREAL Recap: The Hunt for The Villain

by Brianna Martinez / June 8, 2015

Rachel’s in for more trouble as we get introduced to her former roommate, Quinn offers a convenient new incentive on the hunt for the new villain, and we see the show deal with a contestant’s ailing father on this week’s UnREAL and it’s goes just as terribly for some of these characters as you’d imagine.

The manipulation continues with the search for the next villain and puts Rachel, Shia, and Jay against each other for the bonus, one that Rachel desperately needs. While Jay is cornering the only two African American women, Shamiqua and Athena, on the show to serve his need for a villain, Shia’s got Pepper, the school teacher, Rachel goes with attorney, Anna. The trio meet their own obstacles with their picks and led to some interesting territory for Rachel and Jay, and highlights the ruthlessness these producers need for a job like this.

As Rachel’s dealing with the show, her former roommate, Bethany, shows up on set and the hot mess that is Rachel’s life only gets messier when Bethany tells her she’s keeping her laptop hostage until she pays back rent, giving her a deadline that she inevitably doesn’t meet.

As if the job wasn’t tough enough with someone like Anna, the production gets the news that her father is in the ICU, a piece of information that highlights where the priorities are for Quinn and makes you feel just that much more horrible for the contestants. Rachel doesn’t manage to keep it from Anna for long, the news causing her to make a run for it to get to her dad as fast as possible.

Anna running after Rachel tells her about her dad, hinders the ongoing wager and you see she gets a little desperate and is forced to play the game that Quinn has set up and the reality production world she can’t get away from…or maybe doesn’t want to?

It definitely doesn’t seem like Jay or Shia have any desire to either, as the former took a more central role with how he played his picks for villains. Though, you have to give him credit for being so forthright with his “loud and opinionated black woman” strategy to get Athena to win. At this point, you can’t help but feel sorry for the girls and be satisfied with their snide remarks like Shamiqua’s “Uncle Tom” comment to Jay after Athena plays into the game at the Cinderella Ball.

In the midst of this all, Rachel and Lizzie have their first real interaction since her return and it’s about as seemingly awkward and possibly as passive aggressive as you’d imagine, as Lizzie tells her that Jeremy told her “how much a mistake it was” for both of them. By the end of the hour, you can definitely feel that there will definitely be harsher words lobbed at Rachel coming out of Lizzie’s mouth in next week’s episode.

With deadline not met, we see a glimpse of what’s on the laptop, some interesting video of her and Jeremy while they were still together. Now, to see what else is on that laptop that could further ruin these characters’ lives with whatever damaging information she has saved on it.

The running motto on the show seems to be that the crew and show “deserves to burn in hell” and it sounds about right.

I know it may only be two episodes in, but with the outcome of this episode and how these producers only make themselves dive deeper into this dark and twisty reality world they’ve created, you can’t help but wonder how much darker UnREAL could get with these characters and how they’ll get us to like at least a few of them.






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