UnREAL Recap: Controlling Parents and Sleazy Friends

by Brianna Martinez / June 15, 2015

The aftermath of the release of Rachel’s video and email to Jeremy reverberates throughout this week’s UnREAL, as we get introduced to Rachel’s mother and Adam’s sleazy friend and Chet attempts to make amends with Quinn. Oh and by the end of the hour, you feel even worse for the girls.

Rachel gets benched after the release of the video—which she is getting teased about—and banking so many hours, which gives us more time to see Shia’s latest attempt at getting her girls, namely Maya, closer to Adam. Of course, nothing good comes of it and by the end of the hour, it goes from okay to terrible for Maya.

As it inevitably was going to happen, Rachel confronts Jeremy about what happened and his reaction seems more disappointment than anger, which was interesting.

“You talk a good game, but I think you like it.” It definitely felt like Jeremy has a good point, as he also offers her a viable alternative, her parents who live in the same town as the location they are filming at. An alternative she takes to heart as she goes to visit them and the glimpse inside the uncomfortable and distant relationship was tough to watch but captivating, especially the conversation between Rachel and her mother and the aftermath of the dinner where she asked for the loan.

Over at the Everlasting house, Adam’s friend Roger, visits and becomes a bigger problem for the production and Adam the more time he spends in the house. Throughout the hour, you see that though Shia was only interested in creating the drama and offering one of her girls a chance with Adam, she only managed to get Maya into a horrible situation as she ends up drunk and getting taken advantage of by Adam’s sleazy friend.

Adam seems to have had enough of Roger and in a confrontation that ended with a few bumps and bruises, we not only find out a few more hints about Adam’s familial history and what got him where he is but also that Roger was sent by his father. In a slight parallel between Rachel’s story and Adam’s, we saw he refused to go back and be controlled by “his [dad’s] checkbook.”

Rachel gets back in time to cut the party short and pointedly explain to Shia exactly how unusable the footage is. To see Rachel use her mother’s words on Anna to incite drama among the girls and save herself after getting semi-threatened by Quinn, sucked to watch and almost made her mother’s point about what the show has done to her. Though, her mother the psychologist did seemingly go overboard with the diagnoses if their post-dinner conversation was any indication.

All the while, Quinn is dealing with her own issues with Chet as they make up and he has some sort of heart attack. After a trip to the hospital and the realization of what kind of relationship she has with Chet, Quinn gets confronted by his wife and in an unsurprising turn of events, finds out that she knows exactly what’s going on with them and leaves her with the fact that in the event that he dies, she’ll be getting the millions and Quinn will be left alone.

This week’s UnREAL gave you a bit more of Rachel and Jeremy’s past through their conversation and Jeremy’s attempts at getting through to Lizzie, and got a feel for exactly how close they were, despite Jeremy’s attempts to make it less than it was. Though if Lizzie’s reaction is any indication, that email pretty much said it all. Now, will we ever be seeing that email? Or is it one of those “forever referenced but never revealed” type of device?

“I’m never getting out of here.” “Why would you want to? You’re home.” The hour shows you that there’s seemingly no winning for Rachel, but there’s an acceptance on the show that she doesn’t have with her mom and a certain amount of control she maintains, something she’s willing to settle for.

And so UnREAL continues to make you feel sorry for the contestants and wonder how terrible could this production crew get, despite their own issues. Of course, the show does this all the while you can’t help but look on at some the thing that go down.








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