UnREAL Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Quinn vs. Chet

by Brianna Martinez / June 22, 2015

This hour, which may be my favorite UnREAL has given us so far, raises tensions even higher and makes things even messier as Quinn goes up against Chet and brings Everlasting into their fight in an hour that focuses more on the people Everlasting adjacent and not so much on a new way the producers humiliate the contestants.

Chet becomes a volatile piece in the game he’s playing with Quinn while Adam attempts to use the show to help him with his vineyard and Rachel’s finding herself getting in slowly over her head.

This week’s date leads the ladies to Adam’s vineyard, which just so happens to be abandoned and set to be condemned and not so subtly has the show sort of renovate….all while he surprises the crew (and mostly a frustrated Rachel) with some potential investors. Though it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of trouble for Rachel and Quinn and the production as tabloids toss in a bit more of trouble for the production in the form of sexts from Adam to his ex-fiancé.

The Everlasting suitor still doesn’t seem to understand what it means to be a suitor on the show and the rules he has to play by and Rachel decides to show him as she throws Adam to the contestants in an attempt to clean up his own mess by being his “charming” self. And in one of the scenes where Adam is confronting the ladies, you can see her almost being impressed by how he’s managing and seeing maybe the true potential. Though, the rest of the episode shows maybe something more is going on.

All the while, Quinn and Chet’s rough end to their relationship makes for a difficult work environment. Though, it’s just one more thing for Quinn to deal with as she meets up with her old boyfriend, Bill, an encounter which stirs up a bit more of a fight in her and the fact that Chet stole the concept for Everlasting from her and Bill. A new development that no doubt adds another layer to this highly dysfunctional relationship.

Chet doesn’t take Bill’s re-appearance so well, especially when he arrives at the Napa location, and ends up embarrassing himself, not that he’s sober enough to be aware of how he’s coming off to everyone around him. His lack of self-awareness became blindingly clear around the time he took Jay out on a night on the town featuring some weed and hookers/massage therapists.

Things on all fronts hit the fan, as Adam’s potential investors only see the Cromwell name and turn him down. Though he’s not out of the game for long as Chet steals yet another of Quinn’s ideas and through some really dirty (and sweaty on Adam’s part) dealing, manages to give Adam what he wants. Sure, it’s at the expense of his dignity as he has sex with Chet’s friend, Brooks’, wife, as they watch. But hey, at least he’s getting the vineyard.

The dust only really settles (as much as it can on a show like this) towards the end of the hour as Rachel realizes that Jeremy, who confronted her about a moment that she and Adam had, may be right about what’s going on with her and Adam and you see just how much of a problem she recognizes it is as she deletes the video. Of course, this moment feels like much more of a reaction to Adam’s “you’re my producer and this is a game.”

UnREAL continues to be one of those really entertaining soapy summer shows that continuously has me asking how much more twisted could these characters get before I stop feeling any kind of sympathy for them.








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