UnREAL Recap: Coming Out and Coming Clean

by Brianna Martinez / June 30, 2015

In the span of an hour, this week’s UnREAL gave us two big emotional reveals for a pair of contestants, the hometown date, and the continuation of Quinn and Chet’s Everlasting drama. All the while, adding a bit of empathy to a few characters that just might show that they are not all completely self-serving life ruiners for the sake of entertainment.

Faith becomes the unlucky contestant the crew chooses for the next phase of the show, the hometown dates on this week’s Everlasting. And with the visit came a few awkward moments and one big development Faith worked through.

Part of the crew’s trip to Mississippi brought some interesting developments in Faith’s story as we meet her family and friends in her small town. The visit introduces us to her “gran” and her best friend, Amy. Throughout the episode, we see the kind of conservative and deeply religious background she came from. All of these insights only make Faith’s big reveal that much more important as Rachel, in search for some way to produce drama, comes across a few childhood memories and a scene between Faith and Amy that show that maybe there’s something more to that friendship.

You just want to give her a hug after she gets a little push, that turns out to be genuine support without any malice or ulterior motives, from Rachel and she comes out to Adam and the crew in the middle of filming one of their dates in her family’s barn. Though Jeremy, Adam, and Rachel seem okay with keeping it between them, the growing tension in the production room back at the mansion, eventually makes it less and less possible for that to happen. This only gets more complicated as Chet stomps into production and saw the footage.

Faith’s positive experience coming out to the team leaves her feeling like she could change the minds of her town if they only saw the good in it, despite Rachel’s continued suggestion to hold off on the announcement. The moment of truth comes and goes as Faith becomes paralyzed and Rachel and Adam come in to help her, as she realized that maybe it wasn’t the time.

Mississippi brought an interesting moment between Jeremy and Rachel, in Faith’s family’s barn and things heat up and cool down in about roughly the span of a few minutes. It had seemed that seeing the empathy from Rachel and seeing her not using Faith’s coming out for professional gain endeared Jeremy to her again and in a heated moment they just go for it. Of course, the first question that comes up is “what about Lizzie?” because he seemed like he was just as on-board as Rachel was…until he tells her he knows what happens next and he can’t do that. Because his engagement wasn’t enough incentive to stop, apparently.

The aftermath of Mississippi and the chance of having Faith’s story shared without her consent is quickly quashed after Adam comes in with a bigger scandal for Chet to use in the promo after Rachel’s attempt to get him to cut it fails. These acts of saving Faith from being outed without her permission showed a more empathic side to the pair and leads to an interesting moment between Rachel and Adam as she tells him he’s her only friend at the moment, though he wants more. The tension is definitely there but if that final scene is any indication, she’s still hung up on Jeremy.

With Bill’s help in last week’s UnREAL, Quinn decides to go after Chet for stealing her concept of Everlasting. Things quickly go from a possible win for Quinn to an almost definite restraining order against her after she and her lawyer show Chet and his lawyer their evidence. With surprisingly helpful advice from Shia, she manages to manipulate Chet into giving her the 40 percent she was asking for. Yeah, definitely Team Quinn on this one and definitely a win.

All the while back in the house, Mary takes the contestant spotlight as Shia decides to elicit some sort of reaction out of her. The only way she seems to find a way to make it happen is by doing something absolutely terrible and mess with Mary’s medication for her anxiety and bi-polar disorder. While we got another less than shining glimpse at Shia, she also inadvertently gives Mary her own reveal, as she tells the story behind her past and her abusive relationship. Though while Faith’s felt a bit deeper, this reveal felt like this is only the beginning of spiral for her.

So, what are the odds that we’ll be seeing Mary begin to spiral on next week’s UnREAL? And given their ability to seemingly compartmentalize things, will we still be catching fallout from what happened between Jeremy and Rachel?












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