UnREAL Recap: Dangerous Games and the Return of the Ex

by Brianna Martinez / July 7, 2015

Everything’s fun and games with the (not so) friendly wager Quinn and Chet have going until the return of an abusive ex and some of the most dangerous, manipulative games the producers have played on the Everlasting contestants makes for a terrible end point on this week’s UnREAL.

Still recovering from the fact that Quinn owns part of the show now, Chet decides to challenge her strategy for the remaining contestants, as he thinks that Mary staying on the show won’t bring in the viewers and he wants to have Grace go the distance. The adversarial relationship reaches its boiling point at the top of the hour as they decide to place a bet on whose strategy will work better. A bet that would contribute to some horrible manipulating on both sides, though one side takes it much farther.

The effects of their wager reverberate throughout the rest of the hour, as Quinn assigns Rachel and Shia “Mary duty” this week, while Chet feebly attempts to set off a conflict between Mary and Anna.

Everlasting hosts a family date with Mary and her family that looks just as uncomfortable for that kind of dating show as you would imagine. With her family at the mansion for the day, the team takes it upon themselves to attempt to make a kids party as salacious as possible, although rather unsuccessfully. With an odd game of Twister and an awkward Adam (who later confesses he’s not a fan of kids and is a big advocate for the nannies) around Mary’s daughter, there’s just enough odd movements to set off warning bells in Mary’s sister’s head about her behavior. Her concerns fall on deaf ears, which makes sense considering the person responsible for her sister’s odd behavior, Shia, just waves her off.

Considering she switched out the poor woman’s medication and encouraged her to drink more, you would think Shia would be a little more concerned about how quickly it seems that Mary is spiraling. And the spiral doesn’t stop at the erratic behavior or the outburst at Anna when Chet’s orchestrated moment temporarily halts the pizza-making scene. It just got worse and worse as Rachel and Quinn do what may be the most horrible attempt at manipulating a contestant into creating “good TV” — by bringing in Mary’s abusive ex-husband and surprising her with his appearance.

UnREAL was renewed for a second season

Nothing good comes of it, as not only does he beat Adam up, but his presence upsets Mary’s daughter (who unfortunately was there to catch a glimpse of it) and a confrontation between an upset Mary and her ex shows just a glimpse of what she had to put up with while in that horrific relationship. The final ten minutes of UnREAL becomes frought with an incredible amount of tension as you get a sense that Mary’s story doesn’t end at the confrontation in the makeup trailer. And in the final moments of the hour, you get proven right in the worst way possible as Mary takes her ex’s words to heart and jumps off the mansion roof, while the production team looks on and realizes just how far they took things.

While all of this is going on at the mansion, and despite how horribly Chet’s acted, he actually helps Quinn sell her pitch to the network execs for the next season of Everlasting, a rite of passage now that Quinn is part owner of the show she created. Does this absolve the man from what he put her through? No, but at least there’s a slight reprieve in his general state of being terrible (which doesn’t really say a lot by the end of the hour).

Shia seemed like she was already willing to blame Rachel, but with this development what are the odds that this crew can keep production going? And with Rachel and Quinn considered the architects of the idea of bringing the ex back, what are their next steps?

In next week’s UnREAL, the remaining girls turn on the crew in the aftermath of what happened to Mary. UnREAL airs on Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.







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