UnREAL Recap: Grieving and Covering Up

by Brianna Martinez / July 14, 2015

Starting UnREAL, there was no way to see that it could possibly get this dark. But with Mary falling to her death and the fallout of it, the show has definitely taken it there. This puts the crew of Everlasting on the defensive as the network gets involved and the contestants try to come to terms with what happened in the house.

We open right from the moment Mary jumped and fell to her death. While Quinn and Chet are trying to control the situation from the ground, Rachel is trying to process what just happened right in front of her as they herd the contestants into one room (with windows…that just so happened to face the exact place where Mary lies).

Shia’s wracked with guilt and eventually tells Rachel and then Quinn the truth about what she did to Mary’s medication and the end result is having her sequestered under Jay’s watchful eye. Their time away from the house brings up some major doubts on her part about how much Quinn is willing to protect them when her show is on the line.

Back at the house, the women, though initially confused, seem to genuinely grieve for their fellow housemate and this really shows how the house hasn’t changed their empathic side. The moment they learn of Mary’s death, you get a glimpse of the growing sense of mistrust the women have for the production team. And, let’s be honest, there are definitely times where that mistrust is merited.

While people are grieving and looking for answers, Quinn, Chet, and Rachel are scrambling to assure everyone that Everlasting can and will make it past Mary’s death. The lengths the trio are willing to go to and the amount of disagreement among them supply enough of the tension. Despite the fact that they presented a (somewhat) united front when up against the network’s attorneys — preparing them for what was possibly to come — you see throughout the hour that they are all out to save themselves and the show.

“I’m not a grief counselor for Christ’s sake. I’m English.” Adam’s reaction to Mary’s death and the way the producers deal with it all reminds him of what he got himself into. His frustration with how the whole debacle is being dealt with leads to him calling Rachel out on her behavior on the show. Though she’s determined to keep her distance, this hour highlights a bit of development in their dynamic, as you see that there’s a bit more understanding and bluntness to their relationship, including the final moments as she slips into his bed and she admits that she is a monster, which is what he called her earlier.

In the midst of the possible charges being filed and the producers’ attempt to diffuse the situation, UnREAL makes another attempt at a Jeremy and Rachel moment as they fall into her make-shift bed and have grief sex. The tension is there and if you squint hard it can kind of work, but their relationship has been so hot and cold and we haven’t really seen enough possibly redeeming qualities in Jeremy or even to bring him to her level enough to root for them. Not to mention, he doesn’t seem like he can choose what he wants.

At the end of it all, the mysterious appearance of a goodbye letter gives the producers some wiggle room in terms of keeping the show running and liability. Though Mary’s sister reads it, she knows and calls Rachel out on the fact that her sister didn’t write it. She simply agreed to play along for Mary’s daughter’s sake, who almost went back to her abusive father.

With the show now saved, it looks like UnREAL and its fictitious reality series will be moving right along next week. But now to figure out what the after-effects will be….






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