UnREAL Recap: Proposals and Spin-Offs

by Brianna Martinez / July 21, 2015

UnREAL is going into the final run of episodes of its freshman season with heightened stakes for pretty much every remaining cast and crew member as we get closer to the end of Everlasting. The determination to keep this money train going is high (for Quinn and Chet) and this episode offers us a final scene that we’ve been waiting for, with confusing motivations thrown in.

The aftermath of Chet’s separation from his wife leads to a sort of truce between the pair (and the outright offer of $50 million) and gives us a weird, but somewhat logical, development in Quinn and Chet’s relationship…a proposal. Quinn doesn’t hesitate in saying yes and from that moment onwards you just can’t wait for the other shoe to drop. It takes most of the hour, but the moment you see Chet interact with the PA, you just can’t help but feel the trouble looming for the pair.

While you feel terrible for Quinn, she doesn’t allow herself time to mope for long as she finds her way into the safe and we see that the beginnings of a plan coming together now that Quinn traded in her engagement ring for the flash drive and has agreed to marry Chet as soon as the papers are done. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Quinn over the span of eight episodes, it’s that you can mess with her (not really), but you can’t mess with her show, and there’s no doubt that she will probably be making him pay dearly…all while she’s playing along.

Meanwhile, Rachel is being given the opportunity to possibly be promoted to showrunner on the show’s potential spin-off, Royal Love. Of course, that opportunity comes with strings attached as Chet offers her the job…on the condition that she gets Adam to cooperate and choose Grace, just as the network execs not so subtly suggested. Seeing her try to convince Adam was interesting since we’ve seen their dynamic change a bit more in the last few episodes, especially after the final moments in last week’s episode. Watch Rachel essentially coach Adam on what he’ll be telling Chet before he agrees to Royal Love was nice and, after how we’ve seen her react to other moments with the contestants, falls in line with the idea that maybe she’s not all manipulative and solely focused on the story Everlasting is telling.

The remaining contestants go on spa dates with Adam and while production is looking for sensual, that’s not what they get. From Faith’s funny mud throwing moment with Adam to Shamiqua and Adam’s massage date, there were some entertaining moments from the girls. But it was the girls that have been considered in real contention — Anna and Grace — that have less than great dates with Adam. While Anna’s moment was slightly self-inflicted (after talking to Rachel about how possible her win really is and about how the spin-off would work, and kind of unknowingly rubbing that idea in Adam’s face), Grace’s claustrophobic freak-out felt like it was out of her control.

It only takes a small glance at Rachel’s reactions throughout the hour to know that Grace’s freak-out was no production accident. It stands to reason that those somewhat withering looks mean exactly that, right? But does it come out of a sense of believing that Anna should win or that there are some feelings that are coming to the surface that resemble jealousy? This is a question that has come up before and leads to questions about her motivation and emotional attachment, and it doesn’t escape Quinn’s notice.

And it probably won’t be escaping her notice when she finds out that Rachel and Adam slept together in the middle of this whole game they’re playing. This leads to the question of where her decision to do that is coming from — some real feelings or for her own personal gain? Or maybe both?

With the stage set going into UnREAL’s final episodes of the season, it’ll be interesting to see what Quinn does with that flashdrive and what she plans to do once she marries Chet, and what Rachel sleeping with Adam means — not only for the pair, but the show as well.

Tune into an all new episode of UnREAL on July 27 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.


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