UnREAL Recap: Parallels and Offers

by Brianna Martinez / July 28, 2015

The aftermath of Rachel and Adam sleeping together makes for some wonderfully heightened and tense moments throughout the hour on this week’s UnREAL, as we see Jeremy come into the fray and Quinn’s plans for her future features a few members of the crew, including Rachel. Let’s be honest here, who didn’t eat it up with a spoon?

Things immediately take a turn between Adam and Rachel when she realizes what happened. And what’s her immediate reaction? Go back to Jeremy, of course. Once she heads back to the truck/her room, things go full speed ahead with her and Jeremy, which makes for an oddly manic feel to their scenes throughout the episode. While Rachel was in a “happy” place with Jeremy, her relationship with Adam surprisingly stayed the course. The pair still had that tension they’ve had throughout, but with an added layer of something different in their interactions.

From the moment in the greenhouse right before Adam and Grace’s date, to seeing the way they looked at each other while he was on the dates with the three remaining girls and playing along like she urged him to, you can see that, despite Rachel’s adamant choice, there is still an insane amount of chemistry between them.

Meanwhile, in the manufactured world of Everlasting, things between the ladies look a bit more competitive as the surprise announcement of Royal Renovations gets dropped on them. While Faith seems to be having a ball with the idea, Anna and Grace seem less than pleased as it becomes abundantly clear that it would be coming down to the pair of them in the end. Though Faith did make an endearingly adorable attempt at getting Adam to choose herm in what he was convinced felt like she was running away from what she will eventually face at home.

It was interesting to see that while Grace was more willing to play the game, Anna seemed to actually be falling for Adam. Kind of inconvenient for her considering what we know about Adam’s preference: Rachel. The fact that we knew what his choice was and saw how he interacted, in what we can only assume was the rare “real” moment, with Faith, it makes you really want to root for the guy.

While Rachel, Adam, and Jeremy kind of took center stage on this week’s UnREAL, Quinn put the power of the flash drive (which we find out is storing eight years’ worth of ideas) to good use and went behind Chet’s back to take back her career and life. All of this happens as Chet obliviously believes that he and Quinn are going to actually make an attempt at a life, one that includes children and a home.

Quinn’s interactions provided a lot of the comedy, from her conversation with Madison — which I understand was probably not meant to be funny but the performances made it feel that way — to her and Chet at the top of the hour.

The parallels between Quinn and Rachel — going through the motions with Chet and Jeremy, respectively — was interesting to see and its meaning becomes more important throughout the hour as Quinn enacts her plan to abandon Chet and involves Rachel in her planning. This parallel also makes Rachel’s attempt at breaking out interesting, but also brings up the question of whether or not she can actually break free from what she’s known for so long.

By the end of the episode, the idea of her breaking free becomes a pipe dream when Quinn gets her hands on the footage of Rachel and Adam in his room having sex, and the confrontation scene was just the right amount of tense and engaging. While Quinn may have been a “manipulative conniving bitch,” you get a sense of rightness in it.

That confrontation also leads to the final scene as Rachel and Adam have a really candid conversation about what they deserve in life and relationships (accompanied by a bottle of liquor, of course). Adam offers his opinion that she shouldn’t settle for Jeremy and Rachel gets an offer…that she run away with Adam.

With only one episode of UnREAL left, time to wait and see if she’ll be saying yes (oh God, please).


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