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Jon Lachonis

(Editor In Chief, Founder)

7816_1221966101604_7488884_nJon began his career as a TV blogger covering LOST with the much read and quoted TheTailsection.com. He moved on to more mainstream TV coverage at such sites as BuddyTV, UGO, CraveOnline, and numerous others and his bibliography includes over 300 celebrity interviews. Jon was the co-creator of TVOvermind.com, and as a charter member of the BTJA (Broadcast Television Journalists of America) has served on the nominating committee for the Critic’s Choice Awards for three years running.



(Co-Editor In Chief, Co-Founder)

Clarissa is an established name in the TV scene having provided insightful reviews and recaps for such fan favorites as Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Bones, and The Good Wife at sites like TVOvermind, as well as reporting from the sets of such shows as Fringe, Nikita, Supernatural, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz, The Secret Circle, Tomorrow People, and many more. In addition, Clarissa provides detailed coverage of events like San Diego Comic Con.

Shilo Adams

(Contributing Editor)

Known to his contemporaries as “The Machine,” Shilo possesses the much sought after skill of being able to provide insightful coverage at break-neck speeds. If the site feels timely, odds are Shilo is responsible for it. His writing has appeared on TVOvermind, TVHackr.com, and KSiteTV.

Mark O’Estes

(Contributing Editor)

An aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker, Mark’s unique take on such shows as Big Brother and American Horror Story are as educational as they are entertaining. A former contributor to TVOvermind, Mark has guested on numerous podcasts and boasts a steadily increasing following on Twitter and beyond.

Luciana Mangas

(Contributing Editor)

A veteran of TVOvermind, Luciana is well known throughout the fan community for her impassioned take on shows like Castle, and Orphan Black.

Carissa Pavlica

(Contributing Editor)

Carissa has been covering all facets of Television at such outlets as TVFanatic, and more currently SheKnows.com. Her reviews and recaps are saturated with the infectious voice of a true fan, and her event coverage and interviews have an uncanny ability to get straight to what matters most to TV nuts.

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