Web Therapy 3.05 “Stage Struck” Recap

by Shilo Adams / August 20, 2013

web therapyFiona has made the trip to Karen’s hoarding den, where she’s been left alone for the past two hours. While talking to Jerome, she tells him about how everything in the room she’s in scurries around when you try to touch it and that there’s no briefcase as of yet – only yellow-eyed little “kittens”. The only way she even got into the house was using the stack of cloths that she claims Kip used when they made love, throwing them in the air and leading Karen to make a path through the house. Karen then pops up and admonishes Fiona for moving her things around, though she thanks her for the bright blue and orange running shorts that supposedly belonged to Kip.

However, Karen still wants Fiona to leave the house. Not wanting to go without the briefcase, Fiona claims that there’s a puzzle in the briefcase, knowing how much Karen loves puzzles, and that the hoarder would never be able to put it together without her help. Karen quickly goes over to the bed she sleeps in, complete with Kip cutout secured on the ceiling, and gets the briefcase before reading off the slips of paper inside. There were six total passwords, ranging from Celine4USAlways to TotoComeHome and Cinnamon Lips & Honey Buns, but inside, there are also (unsigned) love letters from Ben to Kip, which surprises Fiona. Even more surprising is that Ben also kept a diary that got shredded and, after Karen pieced everything back together, talked about plans to get rid of Fiona and being Kip’s Maria. Satisfied with getting what she came for, Fiona offers to buy Karen lunch and ends up leaving some cauliflower soup by the front door as she leaves.

Robin calls Fiona and the two talk about the Met Gala that they attended, where Ben was extremely bitchy and Robin failed to fit in with a crowd she called stuffy and boring. Not boring was the fact that Robin brought a date (Tyrone) whose big glasses were less for show and weren’t glasses at all – they were a combination camera/microphone used to pick up footage of the elites they were rubbing elbows with once their guard was down. She got footage of Austen talking about how he and those he associates with all were guilty of phone hacking but that it was “the way they do business.” While Fiona panics and tries to strong-arm Robin into giving her the footage, telling her that the media barons are selfless and that the footage is her property being that it was her event, Robin expresses a desire to give it to Parliament, who are doing an inquiry into phone hacking, and become knighted for her bravery. She may even get to meet the queen.

Fiona goes to talk to Richard and urges him to swipe the footage from Robin or divorce her and leverage the footage in the settlement. However, he says that Robin is extremely mean and not someone who could be handled that easily, even though he’s not 100% sure the baby is his (as she had a “one-time” fling with Tyrone) despite the ultrasound looking like him. Richard feels like he owes Robin for getting him a job with what he calls a “pharmaceutical company,” though it turns out to not be a company, nor does it have a name exactly. He’s working with the Russian Mafia importing pills in blue barrels (or wooden crates), having done the books for the operation until they asked him to stop. The men he sees, including the leader whose nickname is Tarzan, are also running a prostitution ring and have taken him on jets and submarines; he doesn’t take their threats seriously, though, as they’re very jovial when they tell him that he’ll die if he doesn’t believe what they do and he doesn’t fully understand their accents anyway.

Richard has been avoiding calls from FBI Agent Roger Parker, since he thinks that the inquiry is over the campaign financing. Fiona does a quick google search and finds out that Parker is primarily concerned with drug trafficking.

Karen contacts Fiona, but something is different. Namely, she’s dressed like Fiona and her home is completely cleaned out. Has she found a cure for her hoarding? Not quite. Fiona slipped sedatives into the soup that sent Karen into a mild coma, claiming that that’s what mental health professionals do with those who have brain trauma, and removed the items from her home before burning everything. It’s been a day and a half, though, which Karen seems to gloss over after receiving compliments on her appearance and discovering a bathroom she didn’t know she had. Additionally, it’s made her look inward for the reason why she hoards – does it have to do with her mother being a collector? Her father’s repressed homosexuality? Fiona tells her not to look back and to take the blame for hoarding herself, to go to a movie and learn to imitate what normal people do/look like. Karen does just that when the man she met online picks her up for a date.

Richard calls Fiona while an FBI raid is going on and gets tackled by one of the agents.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-Interesting that Fiona wants Karen to imitate the men in the movie she sees, as she claims they’re the more emotionally stable ones. More evidence of the internalized self-hatred that her bravado and desire for acclaim masks?
-Richard’s nickname from the Russians is Sookie, which I’m guessing means that they watch a lot of Gilmore Girls (or True Blood) at the warehouse.
-Robin is one of my favorite characters on this show, only because the back-and-forth between her and Fiona has been lively and deliciously shady since day one. If Gina was smart enough to know how Fiona views her and able to give as good as she got, she would be Robin.
-Next week on Web Therapy: Fiona takes on a long-distance couple who are planning their first meeting, while the campaign investigation targets a new suspect.

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